Some incredible records

- The largest model railroad system in the world

The largest model railroad system in the world is in the Miniature Wonderland in Hamburg.
- Model Area 900 m²
- Track length of 9.000 m
- Trains 700
- Wagons over10,000 cars
- Longest train14,51 m
- Signals 900
- Switches 1.900
- Computers 33
- Figures 150.000
- Cars 4.000
- Trees 165.000
- 475.000 hours of construction
- Construction cost 7.300.000 €
- Employees 120
Currently there are 4 stages and another 6 are in planning and are be completed for the end of 2014. The data will be accordingly more impressive full.

The longest railway line in the world

- The longest railway line in the world

The actual length of the Trans-Siberian Railway, on the main transport route for passenger transport, is to 9288.2 km and is accordingly to these criteria, the longest in the world. 960 km of this route are on over 4,000 m altitude. The highest point is 5072 m above sea level, what makes this line to the highest in the world. The train is equipped with oxygen bottles, for this altitude, this is understandable.


- Superlatives railway stations

- The train station in Shinjuku in Tokyo is the busiest station in the world. It is a commuter train station and has 1- 4 million passengers per day.


- The Zurich Central Station is the busiest station in the world in terms of trains. 2900 trains run every day through this station. It was built in 1893 and is the junction between the incoming trains from France, Germany, Italy and Austria.


- The oldest station in the world is located in Stockton-on-Tees (England).

- The highest railway station in the world is in Tanggla (China) has been built and is situated 5068 m above sea level



- The Nagoya Station is the largest railway station in the world in terms of area (410,000 m²).
The current complex was built in 1999. In the year 2004, he had 1.12 million passengers per day, making it the sixth busiest station in Japan.


- The first system-railway in the world

The first model railway system in the world was introduced by Märklin at the Leipzig Spring Fair in the year 1891: The model of a car with clockwork loco and a buildable track system.

- The smallest model railways system

The smallest model railways system in the world is Marklin Mini-Club which was Founded in 1972.

- The smallest model

The smallest fully operating model railroad scale 1:1000 was presented in 1988 at an exhibition in Berlin: gauge of 1 mm, Lokomotiv length 7.2 mm . It was driven from a 12 volt clock motor.
- The longest train in the world ( H0)

The longest train in the world (H0), consisting of 10 Märklin locomotives type 194 and 2,108 container wagons, drove at the station in Stuttgart on 1993.11.01 over a distance of 35.14 meters. The train length was 244.5 m, the vehicle weight 101.18 kg.


- Strong Tractive power

In Paris, pull 194 models of H0 locomotives, a 26 533 ton wagon.

- Railway Collection

The largest collection of model railway belonged to Dr. Bommer from Zurich in Switzerland and can be visited at Technorama in Winterthur. The collection includes over 200,000 models.

- The best selling model of the world

The Märklin locomotive of the type 3000 model is the best selling. More than 5 million copies have been sold since 1953.


 Märklin type 3000


- Rack railway

The Rack railway of the Mont Blanc is the highest in France. The station is at 2372 m. The railway line is also the steepest in France, its slope is of 14, 9% for a length of 12 km. The train connects the railway station Saint-Gervais-Le Fayet (580m) and the station Bionnassay (station du "Nid d'Aigle, 2372 m) in the Haute Savoie.


- Railway for Children

- The first children's railway in the world opened in 1935 in the capital of Georgia Tiflisis .

- The first German Liliputanerzug was taken in 1913 in Leipzig in operation.


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